Several Team Results staff have been heavily involved with state governance in previous careers. We understand the special pressures that make states different from local and federal government. With different funding structures, more exposure to cabinet-level decisions and significant pressures from both federal and local levels, state staff are under high scrutiny and demand at all times.

We have worked with state governments at cabinet-office level, at the administrative level and with state-run authorities including police forces and regulatory agencies. As well, much of our experience with federal procurement is portable to state needs, even though the environment is different. We are also familiar with the complexities involved in the use of contractors, training venues and associated subjects, and we have a proven record of ethical and sensible advice. We are also thought and practice leaders in the area of providing team development that has substance and value, and is not just “fluff” and entertainment.

Team Results Pty Ltd is already registered as a supplier in a number of State Government procurement systems, and ample successful precedent in these systems makes it easy for us to work with all State systems. We know that State procurement is very different from commercial models – and also from Federal acquisition – and we are well qualified in compliance.

We also understand the requirements and constraints for the use of training venues, and we have a list of venues carefully checked by us for suitability and with ample precedent for state government use. Of course, we will recommend a venue based in your state. We are not a venue-search company and all this information, along with any help you might need, is provided for free whether you engage us or not. Team Results accepts no payments, gratuities or rewards of any kind for recommending venues – we will give you impartial advice based on your needs, location and budget.

We have run programs in almost all states and territories, including Vic, NSW, Qld, the NT, WA and SA. We have a proven capability to deliver in any state or territory – and overseas as well.

We also have a long list of federal clients, and this is further assurance of our ability to consistently meet and exceed high standards in service to your state. Further federal client details are here.

Please feel welcome to make contact with any state-government related questions.

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