Team Results is an organisational productivity improvement company that uses 21st -century ideas proven in the modern business and government workplace.

A senior manager at Pfizer during a team productivity improvement program

Our services all consist of various types of tailored programs delivered at a range of venues – including your preferred venue – in the form of one-day to two-and-a-half-day retreats, with or without overnight stays.

For all our programs, the four main areas of difference from the choices of yesteryear are :

Originality : Without true originality, work teams cannot be expected to innovate. People on our programs will experience a real-world project they have never seen before.

Credibility : Without credible facilitators, veteran staff cannot be expected to listen. All our facilitators have at least 15 years’ track record as senior leaders in the “real world” with real leadership achievements to point to.

Results : Without provable results back at work, inputs and “correctness” have no value. You will see a 20% to 60% productivity improvement in your work team that will last for at least 12 months and usually much longer.

Measurement : Without measurement of results, there is no science, just entertainment and charlatanism. You will get follow-up and hard measurement of the results with our proprietary Team Dashboard™ instrument.

Instead of playing “teambuilding” games, listening to lectures,being interviewed by consultants or just having fun with no productivity benefit, your team will be expertly led through a tailored simulation. We will custom-design your program to simulate your workplace realities and the result you need, adding the above four ingredients – originality, credibility, results, measurement – along the way. We have been doing this since 1996, keeping up-to-date with industry and government trends, and we have:

  • some 8500 different proprietary props – none of them scary or dangerous – with which to build your custom-simulated project
  • around 14 of the best-qualified leaders and professionals worldwide, whom you can put in front of your people without a qualm or a doubt; and
  • proven, proprietary systems and methods tested by thousands of participants and described by clients like Pfizer and Toyota as the best in the world.

Our methods have been developed by people qualified in leadership, team dynamics and workplace psychology, and in many cases also formally recognised by their industry and their country for their ground-breaking work. We are serious professionals – not game-players or entertainers – and although fun and laughter echo through all our programs, we are serious about your team’s productivity. Clients tell us that our programs unlock the secrets to unified teams, productive people, and human happiness at work.

Industry leaders like Toyota, Cisco, Pfizer, Toll Logistics, Victoria Police and both State and Federal Government have all embraced the modern world of team productivity with us. If you have tried all the mundane approaches and are still looking for something more, it’s time you talked to Team Results.

Look in more detail at our services by Industry, by Program type, by Methodology, by options for Measurement, and by other questions that clients and prospective clients Frequently ask.

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