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The Team Results Toolkit for Senior Leadership

In all cases, credible facilitation from qualified people who have “been there” and “done that” is vital for senior leadership programs. So are a suitable and secluded venue, an original and high-level approach that respects the experience and seniority of your team, and a way to inspire others with proven, real and measurable productivity results. Senior-leadership programs are critical because they set the tone, direction and philosophy of any follow-up activities – both with the senior team and in the wider organisation.

Whole-of Enterprise

Senior Leadership programs with Team Results make an excellent starting point for working through a whole organisation. If the first program we run is with the CEO/Managing Director/Chief and their senior leadership team, it creates the ideal precedent for follow-on and a properly coordinated strategic approach across the organisation that gets everyone on board in a natural way.

If you are addressing whole-of-organisation objectives, the only reason not to begin with the top leadership team would be if you are a new client and want to see a “trial run” with Team Results first. This can also work well, and in many cases we have addressed it by inviting a senior person from your organisation to audit a program we are running for another client – with that client’s permission, of course.

The first whole-of-organisation Senior Leadership kickoff program we ran was with Toyota in 1996, which was attended by then-President Ken Asano and his senior team. The effect on the company was electric, and it set the scene for our initial series of follow-on programs with senior managers, then middle managers and then supervisors until all 2500 staff at the main site had been included. Known as the “Change Leaders Program”, the goal was to increase productivity during a time of fundamental change and modernisation in model production and supply chain management, and the result – which was also the main inspiration for our bestseller “Crocodile Charlie and the Holy Grail” – is still seen as one of the most successful initiatives in the company’s history.

Other Senior Executive, whole-of-organisation kickoff programs we have run include Victoria Police, which began with an Assistant Commissioner and his senior leadership team and then moved through all officer and sergeant-equivalent ranks; the Stanley Corporation, where we ran a series of programs beginning with the CEO and his team; and Pfizer, where we ran a series of cultural-change programs beginning with a Vice President of HR.

Senior-Leadership Team only

Sometimes, only the senior leadership team needs to go on a program. Examples include setting a new strategic direction for the organisation; onboarding a new CEO or other senior manager; planning major change to business practices or structure, staffing or organisation; and simply keeping the unity of the senior team intact, and the productivity high, on a regular basis. We have run numerous programs with all these objectives and others. Senior leadership teams require extra time to discuss ideas and to follow leads, a venue that is secluded and secure, and a facilitator who has years of experience at high seniority and also years of experience in running programs for top-echelon leadership teams. Team Results is expert in this field, and our proprietary methods work outstandingly well with senior teams.

Senior Clients

Some senior-team clients we have worked with are listed below. If you see one of your competitors in this list, it is not necessarily a problem; often we have been able to obtain permission to take on clients who compete in some areas, and in all cases we will sign an NDA that protects all activities we engage in with you.

  • The Australian Defence Force Academy
  • Alcoa
  • BHP
  • Cisco
  • The CPA organisation
  • Department of Industrial Relations
  • Dow Jones
  • Goldman Sachs
  • ANSTO (Australian National Science and Technology Organisation)
  • Olympic sporting teams
  • Peter Harding & Associates (IT supplier to top-100 companies)
  • Pfizer
  • Phillips Insurance Brokers
  • State Cabinet Office
  • Stanley
  • Thales
  • Toyota
  • Victoria Police

Please feel welcome to make contact with us about your senior team needs.

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