Everyone at Team Results is focused on increasing your team productivity by using modern methods that are measurable and sustainable. Our facilitators have real track records as leaders – not just as facilitators – that will command the respect of your most demanding staff. Our technicians are expert in our proprietary systems, highly trained, and focused on you and your needs. And our support staff guarantee the smooth running of Team Results even when the rest of us are working with clients locally and overseas.

Managing Director Sonia Kokkalos is a leading Australian business figure, a former HR Director in large corporations and a noted expert on government work teams.

Sonia began her career as a human resources specialist in Melbourne, rising quickly to become HR Manager of AusDoc DX, then National HR Manager of Daimler-Chrysler and finally HR Director of the Stanley Corporation’s AsiaPac region. She joined Team Results in October 2008 as Managing Director and has presided over an era of unprecedented innovation and growth.

Educated in Melbourne, Sonia is also well known as an expert in the careers of female managers and supervisors in traditionally male-dominated environments. She is a distinguished member of AHRI (the Australian Human Resources Institute) and has given many papers and presentations on teamwork, leadership and work productivity both locally and overseas.

Married to Jim with two young children, Sonia is qualified in Human Resource Management from Swinburne University and also has a number of postgraduate certifications.


Senior facilitator Carol Simpson is a respected expert in team dynamics who offers a particularly broad range of leadership expertise across both industry and government. With past career successes including the banking, HR, marketing, local government and community services industries, Carol is a confident and expert facilitator who has seen all variants of workplace dynamics many times. Noted for her humour and exceptional ability to get to the heart of productivity needs quickly and without pretense, Carol is also qualified in training and assessment from Swinburne TAFE.


Senior Facilitator Doug King is a specialist in teamwork and leadership, particularly in demanding environments. A former decorated officer in Victoria Police at the rank of Inspector, Doug joined Team Results in July 2012. He offers clients a lifetime’s experience in teamwork, leadership and practical, useful team productivity improvement. Doug’s experience and distinguished service record also make him credible in even the most skeptical work environments. He is highly qualified in the delivery of tailored leadership programs and is tertiary-qualified in police studies, training and assessment, and emergency management inter alia.


Facilitator Emeritus Simon Willis is a retired two-star army general who specializes in team dynamics and leadership strategy. Among other appointments, Simon served as CEO for Joint Education and Training for the Department of Defence, and as Head of Australian Defence Staff in the United States. He also served as Commandant of the Royal Military College Duntroon.

Simon’s education includes the University of New South Wales, the U.S. Army War College and Harvard University. An expert in civilian as well as military team dynamics and productivity improvement, Simon has been with Team Results since mid-2006 and in that time has helped to run leadership development for over 2,000 program participants. He lives in the Blue Mountains in NSW.


Technical Specialist Toby Richards is the peak source of expertise for the more than 8,000 proprietary props, 5000-plus possible tailored program designs, and all the technical and logistic features which create a large part of the hallmark look and feel of each Team Results program. As prop master, he also oversees the set-up and safety for an average of 2900 props – about 700 different types – per retreat

Toby is a specialist in event management, a community leader, a successful sports coach, an experienced SES rescue squad member and a noted athlete. His event management skills, knowledge of technical setups and proven enthusiasm for teamwork equip him to manage the proprietary technology that powers many of our props and provides sophisticated, fun, and vitally useful and relevant team and individual feedback.




All our people have the following things in common:

  • For facilitators, tertiary degrees in relevant disciplines
  • For facilitators, minimum 15 years’ direct leadership experience in key roles and realities of the “real world”
  • Serious achievements in their own right, which make them credible to your own people
  • Extensive experience with Team Results; and
  • Real, unforced passion and enthusiasm for what they do.

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