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Interview with Dr. Ron Stevens, head researcher on the UCLA study


Team Results and UCLA Partner to Reveal Secrets of Teamwork

Team Productivity specialist Team Results and UCLA bring
real science to team productivity, end “teambuilding” era

Team Results CEO John Kolm and UCLA Brain Research Institute Professor Ron Stevens today announced a partnership to research the real meaning of teamwork and team productivity by studying what the brain actually does. “The idea is to look at electrical activity in the brain in a new way”, says Stevens. “By partnering with a world specialist in team productivity, we can simulate workplace tasks and watch the patterns and changes in the thinking of a whole group as they figure out how to be as efficient as possible.”
Team Results will help UCLA further develop its world-leading method for tracking what human brains really do when their owners are being productive at work, what happens when people are not productive, and how to move from one state to the other. Volunteers in their joint research are hooked up to a portable EEG recorder – a device for measuring brain activity – and then given a range of jobs to do. Stevens and Kolm are presenting their results at a global conference in June next year, and expect to announce several new discoveries.
“The great hope is to apply some real science to improving team productivity”, says Kolm. “There are a lot of charlatans out there doing firewalking, tantric massage, bicycle building and a wide variety of other things that don’t help corporate or government productivity at all. We want to bring some reality into the world of team productivity improvement by doing things that actually work.”
To find out more, John Kolm and Professor Ron Stevens are both available for interview and can be reached via Amanda Biller in the US at (301)-500-0487 or amanda.biller@teamresultsusa.com .