Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Team Results located?

We have two locations, one in Moorabbin, Victoria (near Melbourne) and one in Washington DC, USA. From these bases, we meet local, national and overseas needs.

What about physical ability issues?

There is no emphasis on the physical. Our programs are friendly to all ability issues. No rope climbs, heights, gimmicks like fire-walking or other risky activities.

What’s so different about Team Results?

Originality, Credibility, Results and Measurement. Productivity matters, and we offer a modern alternative to classroom training, teambuilding activities, consultants or entertainment.

Can Team Results come to us?

Yes, our props and techniques are mobile, enabling us to travel worldwide. Usually we find a rural retreat, convention center or other meeting facility near you.

Do the results last long-term?

Our current record is fourteen years for a single two and one-half day program with one client (Toyota). The critical element is that people and teams emerge not just with intellectual theories, not just with a “good feeling,” but with tested and powerful team and personal strategies that only grow stronger with time, effort, and follow-up.

Can you measure the results?

Yes. We gather anecdotal data and case studies, and we also use proprietary technology called Team Dashboard™, which is a measuring instrument unique to us. It lets clients track productivity and know whether team performance has an impact on business performance indicators, and if so, where.

What kind of follow up is used to make sure the results deliver value at work?

We include workplace follow-up for every program (including documentation and measurement of results) and we encourage clients to stay in touch and to do further follow-ups. We make it a point to stay in touch with our clients and participants by email and phone, and we never charge for help or advice. We want our clients to succeed.

How long do the retreats last?

Our most popular program is the two-and-a-half day program, where teams gain the maximum benefit for time invested. We also offer one-and-a-half day and one-day programs. Customized choices are available too.

What about venues?

We evaluate venues carefully and can also look at venues you suggest, would prefer, or are within your budget. We have comprehensive, up-to-date options and choices for offsite venues and are very happy to share these with you. We do not have any business ties or financial deals with any venue, and we do not accept commissions from venues. This makes us unbiased and independent, able to select from our detailed and proven choices – or in partnership with you and your own preferences – a venue that is exactly right for your program anywhere in the world.

Who attends the retreats?

  • Work teams in Business, covering Manufacturing, Finance, the Tech Sector and others
  • Work teams in Government, covering Federal, State, Local and others
  • Senior directors and their functional teams
  • Business unit teams
  • Cross-functional teams
  • Newly formed project teams
  • Onboarding teams
  • Executive teams
  • Conference teams
  • Virtual and geographically distributed teams, who come together in person for our programs
  • Teams in traditionally high-performing organizations who are investing in excellence and need to keep the edge sharp
  • Any other group where team productivity and performance is important to success

Can you run the retreats in other languages?

Often, yes. Our language capabilities include English, Spanish, German and Mandarin, and we’ve run programs in all these languages. We’re also expert at hiring local language support (Haitian Creole being one example) and we can easily include that in your program.

Do you have an unanswered FAQ?

Tell us here. We’ll answer promptly and add it to the list.

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