Team Results has been working with the Federal Government since 1996. The “Fed” is a large portion of our business, and while no-one should claim to be expert across the complexity of the whole Fed, we have worked with a good cross-section of Departments and Agencies, a good selection of federal needs and agendas, and a wide range of contracting and purchase vehicles. We are also very familiar with the complexities involved in the use of contractors, training venues and associated subjects, and we have a proven record of ethical and sensible advice. We are also thought and practice leaders in the area of providing team development to the Fed that has substance and value, and is not just “fluff” and entertainment.

Many of our key staff had very successful first careers with the Federal Government. Government is much more than just a job to us – it’s both a career choice and a passion. We understand that government is different, and we have the Federal Government experience to help you make your special program both happen and work.

Procurement Systems

Team Results is on the procurement systems for many Federal departments. We understand the requirements of Federal procurement in some detail, and we have been contracting with the Fed since 1996.

Ongoing Contracts

In addition to a lot of as-required engagements – see below for a full list – we have ongoing and recurrent contracts with Victoria Police (State level), the State Emergency Service and the Department of Justice to name a few.


We understand the requirements and constraints in Government for the use of training venues, and we have a list of venues carefully checked by us for suitability and with ample precedent for Government use. We are not a venue-search company and all this information, along with any help you might need, is provided for free whether you engage us or not. We have also delivered many programs on suitable federal campuses and properties. Team Results accepts no payments, gratuities or rewards of any kind for recommending venues – we will give you impartial advice based on your needs, location and budget.


Federal government clients of Team Results include:

  • ADFA – Australian Defence Force Academy
  • ANSTO – Australian National Science and Technology Organisation
  • DFAT – Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • DOD – Department of Defence
  • DIR – Department of Industrial Relations

Published case studies are limited by our strict ethics in following federal guidelines for non-endorsement of suppliers and non-use of federal logos and designations, but we do publish public-domain contractor assessments and these can be found in here on this site. We manage case studies by referring new federal government queries directly to existing federal clients for a candid one-on-one conversation. Please feel welcome to make contact with any federal-government related questions.

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